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Transfúnebre Internacional

Transfúnebre Internacional Lda. is a funeral transport company that works exclusively for funeral directors. Headquartered in the municipality of Braga, it has been present in the market since 2017.

Despite being a young company, it counts on the experience of the managing partner, holder of vast know-how acquired over almost two decades.

Since its inception, the organization has been strongly committed to the quality of the services it provides, essentially oriented towards continuous evolution and improvement, which allow it to satisfy the needs of current and potential customers.

They have recent vehicles, uncharacterized and approved by the International Organization of Certifications (Bureau Veritas), and work with total confidentiality. They are specialists in international transfers to and from the world, and work exclusively for all funeral directors. It is the only company nationwide that does not work for end customers, but only and exclusively for funeral directors.

Taking into account the nature of the services provided by Transfúnebre Internacional, the company takes special care and attention in its customer relations, providing all the necessary support with international transfers, overcoming all legal, logistical and administrative challenges that may arise.

Values such as description, dignity, ethics and professionalism are at the base of the way the company operates and are the brand image of its service.

We are here to guarantee Excellence!

iso 9001

This process, carried out by Bureau Veritas, grants Transfúnebre Internacional certification for Vehicles approved by the International Organization of Certifications.

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